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About Hickory Lacrosse

When did Hickory Lacrosse come in to existence and where are you located?

  • Hickory Lacrosse started in my uncle's workshop when I created two shafts for an end of the season lacrosse banquet in 2004. We have a full workshop of fine woodworking machines and an easy to use website (we do all of our transactions through PayPal to ensure security) and have worked to perfect the art of creating the ideal wooden lacrosse shaft for the past 5 years out of our family workshop in Buffalo, New York.
  • Our products are in all 50 states, Europe, Australia, and have been used in many college games around the country.
Who is behind Hickory and what made you want to create this company?
  • Hickory Lacrosse is a family business. Everything from the website to manufacturing to shipping is done by the Dylag family. I have always been intrigued by the Native American tradition and history of the game of lacrosse. I have played and coached the sport for over a decade and formed the company because the tradition of the wooden shaft is truly unique.
I can see that your shafts are made from wood. Is there a quality in Hickory that makes it advantageous for lacrosse?
  • Hickory is one of the strongest woods in the world. Hickory is known for its flexibility, which creates an extremely durable shaft. The shafts are great for practice due to the added weight, which results in faster shot speeds and better ball control when a lacrosse player switches back to the metal shaft for game play. Defensive players love the shafts due to their punishing power against attackmen. Offensive players love the feel of wood in their hands during practice and games.  No other wood matches the strength and flexibility of hickory. Find out more about hickory here.
If there was one reason why someone should use a Hickory shaft, what would it be?
  • Training with a wooden lacrosse shaft will make you a better player. It will help increase shot speed, handling, and stick checks.