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Bamboo in its natural state

Bamboo horizontal grain

Natural wood grain

Hickory Lacrosse - Now offering Bamboo Lacrosse Shafts

We took a close look at other bamboo shafts and saw a product that was in need of improvement. Each horizontal row of other bamboo shafts are made up of two or three pieces joined at the edge. These horizontal rows are stacked to create the stick. This results in a mix of all different width pieces glued together with seams not lined up properly.

We decided to solve this problem by creating a product that only had one piece of bamboo per row. Once these rows are stacked, there are no vertical glue seams in the core of our shafts hence the term "solid core." The solid core allows the stick to flex straight every time resulting in a more stable product and straighter shots.

The second problem we looked to solve with our new bamboo shaft is the truth that bamboo is a relatively weak wood on its own. Some bamboo shafts are easily broken over a knee but we made a shaft with strength comparable to hickory with the weight and flex of bamboo. Our shafts have a layer of bamboo running the length of the shaft with grain that runs the opposite direction of the core. This crossing of the grain creates an incredibly strong shaft but still maintains the flex of the bamboo.

Our Bamboozled shafts are made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo. Bamboo is an open-grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well. Our bamboo is FSC-certified and urea formaldehyde-free.

Our Bamboo shafts are environmentally friendly. The product is derived from Moso bamboo and harvested from a forest that requires no irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides. Each year, only 20 percent of the plantation's bamboo--or only the five-year growth--is cut, ensuring the forest canopy remains intact and the ecosystem is not disturbed.

The bamboo we use was selected as a "Top-10 Green Building Product" by BuildingGreen, publisher of Environmental Building News.

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