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Hickory Attack Shaft - Short Pole With Shield Pro

Wood Lacrosse Stick Made from Solid Hickory

ATTENTION: Our remaining inventory of hickory short poles all come with shield pro epoxy coating at no additional cost. 

This product can no longer be branded, we have no more inventory of non-coated shafts. 

If you are looking to place a team order, please see the Ash Short Pole,

Length: 30 inches

Weight: approx. 10.0oz
Diameter: Fits all standard plastic heads

Shafts are made from solid locally grown and logged hardwood hickory. We use a species of hickory referred to as a "true hickory" while other species such as pecan hickory are NOT true hickories. The first lacrosse shafts were made with true hickory trees and we use the correct species to keep that tradition alive.

Hickory has a density of 47 lbs/ft³. That's as hard as oak with more flexibility allowing for maximum whip on every shot. Other woods like pine, at only 25 lbs/ft³, are not  suitable for lacrosse.

All of our shafts are sanded to a perfectly smooth finish with progressively finer sandpaper ending with 220 grit paper.

These shafts are coated with multiple coats of Danish Oil. Danish oil is ideal because it soaks into the wood to create a durable long lasting finish. All of our shafts are shipped with an end cap and screw.

Our rigorous quality control process ensures clear knot and blemish free sticks.

Price: $30.00

Shipping: $4.95 for the first item, $2.00 for each additional item

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