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Ash Short Pole

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Length: 30”

Weight: approx. 8 oz. short pole
Diameter: Fits all standard plastic heads

White ash is 17% lighter than hickory. While not quite as strong, ash is still a popular choice for baseball bats and tool handles. Our white ash is hand selected so the grain runs down the entire length of the shaft.

These shafts are a wonderful choice for a younger player or a player looking for a lighter option.

All of our shafts are sanded to a perfectly smooth finish with progressively finer sandpaper ending with 220 grit paper.

These shafts are coated with multiple coats of Danish Oil. Danish oil is ideal because it soaks into the wood to create a durable long lasting finish. All of our shafts are shipped with an end cap and screw.

Our rigorous quality control process ensures clear knot and blemish free sticks.

Price: $30.00

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