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Frequently Asked Questions about Wood Lacrosse Shafts

What is Hickory Lacrosse?

Hickory Lacrosse is a family-owned business based out of Western New York. We have perfected the art of creating wooden shafts over many years of research. We pride ourselves on creating knot free, straight, and strong shafts that will last for years. We have sold thousands of shafts all around the country and look forward to giving you a high quality, inexpensive, and unique wooden shaft. We pride ourselves on giving you a simple, safe, and secure online shopping experience. We are so confident in our products that we now offer a 180-day limited warranty.

What are the benefits of a Hickory Shaft?

  • The added weight of the shaft is ideal for training. Attackmen can improve their shot speed after switching back to the metal shaft on game day and training with the wood.
  • The added weight of the long pole can improve stick checking speed, forearm strength, and cradling.
  • All of our hickory shafts are ideal for fall ball, and indoor or box lacrosse.
  • Our shafts are a great value at the highest quality compared to the expensive metal shafts. A wooden shaft is ideal for an inexpensive backup shaft.
  • Traditional shafts make outstanding birthday or holiday gifts.

How strong is a wooden stick?
Each stick is strength tested before shipping.  Hickory will bend but it will rarely break.  Any splinters in the shaft that may occur over time and with use can be fixed with a fine grit sand paper and any wood sealant on the touched up spot.

Will these sticks fit my plastic head?
Yes. These sticks will fit almost any brand head. There is no hole drilled because some people prefer to tape them on, and a drilled hole would not match up with every brand. The sticks may expand a few thousandths of an inch or contract because of the moisture just as all wood does.

How are the sticks finished?
The shafts are sanded down with fine sandpaper.. The sticks are then finished with multiple coats of a natural color Danish oil finish that seals and penetrates the wood.  The finish protects the wood from weather and is never sticky. It will hold up for a few seasons. The shafts are branded with the company name and logo. They also come with a butt end and screw.

What if the head doesn't fit on the shaft?
Each stick is tested on a tight fitting head.  This is to ensure that each head will fit on the shaft.  If the head is loose, place a piece of tape between the head and wood to ensure a tight fit. If it is tight for some reason, sand the end until the head fits.

Can I use this stick in a game?
It really depends on where you live and the specifications of your specific league.

How will the sticks be shipped?
The sticks are shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail and should arrive in 2-5 business days. We only ship using US Postal Service.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes! Simply check out and an additional fee will be added to your order to account for international shipping.

How do I pay?
Pay Pal is the preferred method, checks upon request (will delay ship date).

Do you offer any warranty?
Currently, all sales are final and do not come with a warranty, click here for details.

What happens if I buy a stick from a retailer and it breaks?
You will need to contact that retailer and they will be in touch with us regarding any problems. Since we have no record of sales made in retail stores, we are not able to help you directly.

Do you offer dealer pricing for the shafts?
Hickory Lacrosse does have dealer pricing, we will stock stores. Contact us for details.