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Hickory Lacrosse - About our Construction Process

This is where it all starts

Hickory lacrosse has over five years of experience creating top quality products. Many of our procedures are carefully guarded.

Wood Selection - All of our hickory is cabinet grade wood commonly referred to as "select or better" quality. This means is has few or no blemishes. We receive the wood from a local mill and store it until it acclimates to the surroundings of the workshop. Allowing the wood time to acclimate means it will not warp when the sticks are made.

More Wood!

Wood Processing - Even after the wood acclimates to the workshop, it may be a little curved or cupped. We run every board through a machine that makes it perfectly flat. Working with straight boards means straight sticks.

Construction Process - For our traditional shafts, eleven more steps are needed to create a finished shaft. Specialty shafts may require up to five additional steps. We use fine woodworking machines to reach the final product. We do not rely on a table saw for finish cuts because a table saw leaves ugly saw marks.

Our machines are carefully calibrated within a few thousandths of an inch when making sticks. Throughout the entire process, we constantly check the shafts for strength and straightness. Our long poles are our most popular shaft because they are the highest quality at a lower price.

Finishing - Every shaft is inspected and sanded one side at a time under high intensity lights to get out any small imperfections. Then each shaft is sanded by hand multiple times. Each hand sanding closes the grain of the wood so it accepts finish more evenly.

We use a Danish oil to finish our traditional sticks. Danish oil hardens inside the grain of the wood, not on top, giving the player the traditional wooden feel.

Our bamboozled and colored shafts are finished with outdoor grade UV resistant finish. Our tough and shield pro line of shafts uses a high strength rubberized polyurethane finish. The camo poles use a soft touch coating finish. Our finishes come from a high-end woodworking retailer and are better than those found at the big hardware stores.

All shafts are shipped with a butt end and a small screw.

Future Direction - Hickory lacrosse continues to grow. We use this growth as an opportunity to bring you more services. Custom branding is now available on our traditional shafts. You can now put your name, position, year, or school on your shaft. We love to hear feedback from all players with suggestions for new products and improvements!

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